The personal evolution of choosing things

The personal evolution of choosing things

State I - Copying

As a small Child you don't give so much about you own thoughts (maybe also you just don't have made any to the things to choose jet) and just choose what others choose, even with very personal and subjective stuff like favorite music: If you Dad likes it you think you should like it too.

State II - Anti

With puberty there comes the anti attitude - your older brother likes Pizza? You don't! (Even if it was you favorite: till the day before)

State III - My decision

Someday you find out that it is stupid to choose things depending on what others say or do - you start making thoughts about what to decide based on your point of view and don't listen to others.

State IV - Others

You find out that sometimes the others have made much more thoughts on the issue you have to decide. If they think different and have very strong arguments you overwrite you decision.

State V - Weighted Influence

But what counts for others doesn't always have to be the same for you. So now you start making you own thoughts, then listen to what others say and evaluate what they say by finding out if this is the same for you / in your world / from your point of view. Now you add this revalued thought to you own and come to a final decision.

State IV - Paradigm Breaking

There are many things which no decision is to be made of. So you just don't. But the paradigm breaker always evaluates everything and if he things something should be made different he tell people and does so. The difficult part here ist to start finding out where there could be a difference to make.
For example flipflops in Germany: Some years ago it was not ok to wear them on the streets, only at the swimming pool, the garden or the beach. No one even thought about wearing them in a "normal" life situation. But after some paradigm breakers came up with flipflops, others found out that it could be a good idea not to transform your fancy sneakers into bathtubs on those very hot days only because "you just don't wear flipsflops on the streets" and took over they idea.

It is such a pity that so many people are still stuck in state III.

Patrick Tunkl | 2008

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