Babylon F.U.

I just watched the film Babylon A.D. and I must say: It's a real pain in the ass. Actually, the movie itself isn't that bad if you expect a shallow but entertaining Vin Diesel action flick (and I like Vin Diesel for these "What a chunk of a man!" - characters). And the near-future and a-little-closer-to-the-apocalypse world drawn in Babylon A.D. is well done. And - a little surprise - there's not as much action as expected (and it's not the best i've seen so far also) but a not that uninteresting storyline coming up! So you wait for the storyline circle to close but then: Vin with chick, Vin with children, pop! end credits...

What the f*$k? Where is the end? Where did the meaning go? What is... what was... did he bang... aaah! Rumors say that about an hour of the original material was cut away. This is either an excuse or the truth. This movie leaves you with a feeling like someone drew you from the toilet before you could finish the job. Really bad.







Hehe, just found out that not even the director himself liked the movie. Ditto.

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