The Future of Music Business

I became a huge fan of Trent Reznor, a manic-depressive piano wunderkind, now to be known as one of the most influential musicians of our times, even thou not too many people have heard this name before. He is what I would call a real artist, not only as a musician but also combining several media to create something new. Better known as NIN or Nine Inch Nails, Reznor last album Year Zero was far more then just an album, it was a dark apocalyptic view into a possible future, introduced with on of the best viral campaigns ever using several channels like the Internet , strange mailings or hidden usb sticks on concert toilets.

I also would like to tell you about the totally sick film he made, that he also plays guitar, tuba, drums, bass..., that he made music for some of the best films and for computer games like Doom or Quake. But actually this post should not be about NIN or Reznor.


It's about the stupidity of the music industry.


They really don't get it. Spreading music digitally without a fixed medium (mp3) was a horror for them, so they ignored this future technology and started to fight against their customers and then found out that this technology maybe could be the right way to deliver and use music.


Well, I think that just by selling the mp3 you won't be able to keep up making the millions that have been made in past times - music is to easy to copy, there must be another way.

Someone who found a way is Reznor: He gives away his music for free and he still makes millions. Here's a awesome lecture from Michael Masnik at Midem where he describes how Reznor does that:




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