As some of you might know, is builded and hosted by Jimdo, a CMS that is so easy to use even your Granny can do it.

There are a lot of those easy-to-use online website builders coming up in the last months, but most of them simply suck compared to Jimdo. But now there is a total flash-based, nice looking online CMS called Snappages. So the team took a look at it:

It really looks great, an there is a real reasonable collection of "applications" available: A website builder (with a fancy flash-pix-banner-creator - really like that), theme editor, photobucket (nicely integrated in all the other apps), calendar (didn't check for any sync capabilities),a blog (with RSS feed 'n stuff) and kind of "friends" area.

The interface ist half back-end, half wysiwyg - great looking, easy to use but horrid slow.

Actually we really like this approach, mostly because the looks are great. But besides some bugs like wrong keyboard interpretation (German layout) or a destroyed screen layout (you have to undo the last steps) which both can be fixed, there are some drawbacks coming from the flashed based nature of this CMS:

As Jimdo is mostly html and CSS based (and allows you to enter html-code and add to the css), advanced users really can edit deep down the site structure, with Snappages you are limited to what the developers provide. And stuff like integrating widgets like YouTube-videos is so web 2.0 - that just has to be.

usability: 8/10
looks: 9/10
speed: 2/10
extensibility: 2/10
web 2.0 factor: 1/10

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