"We Feel Fine" - going deep!





Today Dominick showed me something which really made me think... something beautiful but also something which made me feel strange because it was about the emotions of other people.


It began with a very interesting and touching TED clip (btw: TED is a real treasure, I'll post more about this conference soon). It is from Jonathan Harris, an artist and computer scientist who build a website which "extracts feelings" from the web.

Well, actually it data mines blogs by searching for the the term "i feel" an then analyzes what comes after these word. In the impressing and nice to look at and use interface, every "i feel..." sentence if represented a a floating dot, colored shiny when it's a "good" feeling, pale when it's not. It's fun to explore - but also kind strange to dig trough the emotions of other people.  The most beautiful tool however is the ...







"Montage" : it shows the sentence of the feeling on top of a picture wich was attached to the text.


You really have to take a look:











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    max (Samstag, 20 Juni 2009 21:19)

    cool shit - haste mein TED post von johnathan haidth gesehen - http://maximiliansenges.blogspot.com/2009/05/jonathan-haidt-on-moral-roots-of.html