XPT Matrixgenerator (old)




  • Intel e2140 1,6Ghz oc @3,2Ghz
  • MSI P35 Neo-2 FIR
  • WD AAKS 320GB x2 @Matrix-RAID
  • 8GB GEiL DDR
  • X1900XTX




  • Win XP x64
  • Ubuntu Studio 8.04
  • MacOS X


Peripheral Devices:


  • Samsung Syncmaster 245B black
  • Samsung Syncmaster 204B black
  • 3DConnexion Spacenavigator PE
  • Logitech MX510  or   S510
  • Logitech Keyboard deluxe 250 USB black   or   S510



OK, so now I set up a Matrix-RAID with the two WD one-platter 320GB drives. A HowTo (including installing OS - not that easy) will follow soon. Right now just the specs (tested with HDTune ):

  • Burst: 390 MB/s
  • Average Transfer Rate: 178 MB/s
  • Random Access: 11.6ms

Quite nice for just 90 Euros...