XPT Matrixgenerator



  • OrigenAE S16V black
  • Seagate 1,5 TB 72oo.11
  • MSI P45 Neo3
  • Intel e2140 oc @ 3,0 Ghz
  • Gainward 8600GT passiv
  • Terratec Cinergy XXS




  • Windows 7 Pro RTM (MSDNAA)
  • MacOS X


Peripheral Devices:


  • Logitech DiNovo mini
  • Samsung LE40M78 40" (fullHD)
  • Samsung 2343BW (2048x1152)


The Setup

After experiencing the crappy Vista, Windows 7 is a real nice OS to have. Especially as a Mediacenter in combination with the Dinovo Mini. I also use it a my working computer, for this reason, I pulled a 10m HDMI Cable to my USM Haller desk with the Samsung 23", combined with an amplified USB cable an a 7-USB hub next to the desk, connecting to the periphery. It's a beautiful setup and it is so nice to only have one computer to care about.

The whole system is connected to a Sony amplifier with a quadrophonic audio system, consisting of a pair of B&W and a pair of Celestion Series 5 speakers in all corners of the room. So I don't have 5.1 audio, but this would make no sense with my changing viewing positions (bed, desk, sofa).


Alltogether, I really like my multimedia-home solution. Took a while to figure it out, but now everything work beautifully.



older stuff...


Guess what: Vista is crap. Just two days ago it deleted all the fotos on SD Card (It tried to "fix" it). Copying takes between 5 and 20 times longer than it does under XP.

The only good thing is the Vista Media Center. Well, it has to be tuned a little (it doesn't even play divx without plugins), but after that it is the best MediaCenter solution I found.


Vista Mediacenter Plugins

coming soon


Howto automaticly download your favourite TV show

using uTorrent and rss

coming soon